A         F#m7
Now I never meant,
Esus4     E
to do wrong,
   D          Bm7         A           Asus4  A
thats what I came here to say.
     A          F#m7
But if I was wrong,
Esus4       E
Than I'm sorry,
   D             Bm7         A      Asus4   A
I don't let it stand in our way.
     A            F#m7
As my head just aches,
       Esus4       E
When I think of,
        D           Bm7           A       Asus4   A
The things that I shouldn't have done.
        A              F#m7
But if life is for living,
   Esus4      E
We all know,
       D             Bm7        A       Asus4  A
And I don't want to live it alone.
      E7   A   Dsus2
Sing, Ah, Ah, Oh
      D   D(4th fret) Dm(5th fret)
Sing Ah,  Ah,         Oh
               E7  A   Dsus2       A
And just think Ah, Ah, Oh

Chord Coldplay - Life Is For Living