A           D
You want to say goodbye
E         A
I want to holiday
F#m        Bm
I give you food capcay
D           E
After don’t cry
A           D
Try to look at the sky
E          A
Nothing to puyunghay
F#m        Bm
I want to you cingcay
      D      E     A
Don’t finish I ngacay
C#m               F#m
I want you and me always together
C#m               F#m
Always together i want you and me
         D                   E
You dont running, me and the cry
    A Dm       Am          Dm
Oh you I don’t lied my heart
            F#m                B               E
Nothing the wind of change, because i love you so
   A      Dm      A     Dm
oh my love oh my darling
             F#m               B             E
i never stop loving you baby because i love you
D     E         F#m
smile you don’t cry huuu
D     E         A
smile you don’t cry

Chord Sule - Smile You Don’t Cry feat Andre