G  D  C  D
in my life
G         D           C                       D
I never find someone who will understand my situation
G         D           C               D
and I`m trying to get out of this world
G     D     C    D
but found my new thing
 C                       D                 G
after the loss of a sense of doubt me I try to change
C                       D                 G
and release the hold troubled me during this
C       D     G      D
and I also feel more calm
Am                  F        C                    G
I was face-to-moment beauty of life is unavoidable reality
Am             F         C            G
I want to go on like this forever uninhibited
Am               F             C            G
let me be a little mischievous ,but in my heart
Am        F        C          G
I just want to look for more attention
 C         D         G
and I beg you understood
C         D         G
I do not want any trouble
as before
C         D         G         D
and I follow the path of this newly

Chord AFX City - Broken Homes