It should be really simple…
Suggest on putting a little distortion
Am  C  G  D
I suggest on doing G like This : 32xx33
sounds much better
rest of the song is rap so here is the chours
Am            C
Together we made it (you see we did it niggas)
G                                  D
We made it even though we had our backs up against the wall (c'mon)
 Am            C
Forever we waited (haha!)
 G                                      D
And they told us we were never going to get it
but we took it on the road (to the riches)
on the road (to the ghetto)
G                D
on the roooooad (in the projects to this bangin instrumental)
on the road (ride with me) *yeah, yeah*
on the road (you come and get it) *yeah, yeah*
G               D
on the roooooooad *yeah, yeah, yeah, yo!*
Thats about it....

Chord Linkin Park - We Made It