Selamat datang di, mesin pencari untuk chord gitar. Kami memiliki banyak chord untuk dipelajari. Mari bermain dan belajar
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Chord Paint My Love - Michael Learns To Rock

B                C#m/E  F#                B   B/Bb
From my youngest years, till this moment here

G#m     C#m/E  F#            B
I'm never see, such a lovely queen

B              C#m/E  F#             B   B/Bb
From the skies above, to the deepest love

G#m       C#m/E  D#5      E5  Fxx  F#     
I'll never felt crazy like this before

D          G          A             D
Paint my love, you should paint my love

     D/C#  Bm         E         Asus4 A
It’s the picture of a thousand sunsets

       D       G     A       Bm    
It’s a freedom of a thousand dusts

Em              A        D       F# 
Baby you should paint my love

B              C#m/E  F#               B   B/Bb
Been around the world, when I meet you girl

G#m       C#m/E  D#5      E5    Fxx    F#
It’s like coming home, to a place I’ve known


F         C/F  Bb      F
Since you came into my life

Dm          G          C
You place before are faded black & white

Bb        F     Am      Dm
Since you came into my life

G       F      E    A
Everything has changed


Em              A     Bm    D/C# 
Baby you should paint my love