Capo 3

C                                        E
And here I am, I can't get you out of my head.
Am                                      G
I try to work, I try to cook, I try to breathe
and there you are.
C                          E
Why do I feel this way, why doesn't anything cheer me up?
Am                                         G
At least I did it. At least I told you I love you.
F                                         G
Way back when, you thought of our lives together.
You imagined the two of us and the way it
would work out,
F                                         G
but, in your cold calculated mind it did not...
I surprise myself,
I thought my heart was a rock
I thought I had it bulletproofed and my
mind was set
Apparently, my heart is made of
fucking marmalade
Am                      G
and it was never in my chest,
F                                       G
And now, what am I supposed to do?
Continue being friends?
So I can laugh with your men?
F                               G
I don't see myself there anymore.
C               E
Strangely, I don't feel sad
Am          G
I feel like a new man,
like I discovered my heart
E                                       Am
I did everything I can, to be at your side.
I fought the good fight.
F                                       G
so I am wiping my tears, picking myself up,
F                                       G
I am gonna lose myself in this beautiful world
F                                       G
and hopefully, one day, my heart will scar
C                                       E
and many moons will pass and you will be nothing
Am                              G
but a beautiful distant memory in my mind
C                     E
But for now, I am hopeless.
Am                              G
Drowning in my own fucking marmalade.
C E Am G